Celebrating character

Customs and traditions come together following the cycle of the seasons in an expression of living culture crammed with legends, feasts, dances, songs and popular festivals. Coinciding with solstices and equinoxes, religious in nature or with pagan roots, festive occasions and gatherings have over time contributed to forging the special character of the towns in the Pyrenees.

Sardana dances, revetlles (celebrations on the eve of saint feast days), parading groups of giant figures and devils, children’s shows and feasts bring families together to celebrate in style.

From the flying sparks and gunpowder of the Patum de Berga (a festival dating back to mediaeval times and declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO), the Crema d’Eth Haro (the burning of a fir tree trunk in the town square) in Les and Arties or the Baixada de Falles (torches) of Alta Ribagorça to celebrate the festival of Sant Joan... to the high jinks of Solsona Carnival; the descent of the raiers (river rafters) on the Noguera Pallaresa river; the Catalan sheepdog trials in Llavorsí, Ribes de Freser and Castellar de n’Hug; the Festes del Tura (Tura Festival) in Olot and the Casament de Pagès (Country Wedding) in Ripoll, among many other festivities.

Conscientious and hard-working in everyday life, but enthusiastic and welcoming when it comes to festivals, the Pyrenees are full of traditions and reflect the essence of authentic country life.