Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park

Richard Martin

The park covers an area of over 40,000 hectares, and includes Alt Urgell, Cerdanya, and Berguedà Counties. The two large mountain ranges of Cadí and Moixeró meet at Tancalaporta Pass to create an impressive barrier extending over 30 kilometres.

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  • Richard Martin

The long escarpments on the north face of the Cadí Mountains and Pedraforca Massif are particularly remarkable. Pedraforca is an emblematic peak for hikers in Catalonia.

The park has over 400km of marked trails, which include the GR-4, the GR-7, and the GR-107 (Route of the Cathars)

The combination of high altitude, low temperatures, and damp climate account for the presence of vegetal species more commonly found in northern Europe than in the Mediterranean area.