Els Tres Refugis

Els 3 Refugis

Route enabling you to discover some memorable places in the Eastern Pyrenees as you enjoy spectacular landscapes with abundant wild fauna. 

  • Els 3 Refugis
  • Els 3 Refugis
  • Els 3 Refugis
  • Els 3 Refugis
  • Els 3 Refugis

The itinerary takes in Ulldeter, Ras de la Carançà and Coma de Vaca mountain refuges.

You can also include the most representative peaks in the area: Balandrau, Bastiments, Gra de Fajol, Gallinàs, Torreneules and Puigmal.

Not to be missed: the experience of sleeping in mountain refuges!!



Fact file:

Route length: 52.5Km

Cumulative elevation gain: 3054m (6000 including optional peaks)

Route type: circular

Best time of year for this route: June to September