Ruta de l’Ermità (Route of the Hermit)

Ruta de l'Ermità

Marked route suitable for hiking, horseback riding or mountain bike, mainly running through Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park and taking in over twenty Romanesque buildings along the way. 

  • Ruta de l'Ermità
  • Ruta de l'Ermità
  • Ruta de l'Ermità

With altitudes ranging from 800m in the village of La Pobla de Lillet to 2520m at the summit of Tosa d’Alp, this route is a suitable first traverse for a wide sector of the population, for families or groups of young people.

Not to be missed: over twenty Romanesque churches, sanctuaries and hermitages along the route.


Fact file:

Route length: 105Km

Cumulative elevation gain: 6270m

Route type: circular

Best time of year for this route: April to November