GR176: Route of the 20 Hermitages

The GR176 describes a large circle between the towns of Navàs and Puig-reig, passing more than twenty churches and small hermitages along the way.

Navàs, Santa Fe de Valldeperes, Sant Marçal de Puig-reig and Sant Pau de Pinós are the main places of interest along this circular route inviting visitors to discover a wealth of Romanesque churches, showpieces of Catalan architectural heritage.

Among the many mediaeval sites tucked away in this area (straddling Bages, Berguedà and Osona Counties) are the church of Sant Cugat del Racó in Navàs, the church of Santa Fe in Valldeperes, the church of Sant Martí, and the sanctuary in Pinós.

Route length: 80,2 Km