Volcanoes in la Garrotxa

Inés Carrillo

The best example of volcanic landscape in the Iberian Peninsula, with 40 volcanic cones covered with exuberant vegetation. 

  • Inés Carrillo
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Garrotxa Volcanic Area, listed as a Natural Park, includes some forty volcanic cones and over twenty lava-flows, and is the best example of a volcanic landscape in the Iberian Peninsula. The climate, the soil type, and the shape of the land combine to give a varied, often exuberant, vegetation of exceptional beauty.

Many parts of the Garrotxa Volcanic Area Natural Park can be visited on foot all yea round, and the volcanoes can be climbed without much difficulty.

Santa Margarida and El Croscat volcanoes should not be missed. Other ways of seeing the park include biking along designated cycle tracks or taking a hot air balloon trip affording an unusual view of the best-conserved volcanic landscape in the Iberian Peninsula.