The memory of a place

The Pyrenees, Catalonia’s spinal column, boasts an extensive and valuable architectural and cultural heritage.

A source of inspiration for writers and pain- ters, and cradle of an ancient culture, they conceal Romanesque churches, monasteries, castles, archaeological complexes and mediaeval towns, along with some fifty museums. Sacred sanctuaries of great beauty, places of worship and stones imbued with history.

The Romanesque architectural style shines in its own right and no better example can be found than the set of churches found in Vall de Boí, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The area is brimming with extremely valuable architectural jewels, such as the monasteries of Santa Maria de Ripoll or Sant Pere de Roda, the abbey of Santa Maria de Gerri, in Gerri de la Sal, the church of Sant Jaume de Frontanyà, Solsona Cathedral or the church of Santa Maria d’Arties in Val d’Aran...

Vestiges that bear witness to the passage of time lost in memory, at the birth of Catalonia’s history. The art of every period can be felt everywhere. Just relax your eyes and savour it.