Nature and palate

The gastronomic wealth of the Pyrenees makes it a pleasure to sit at the table and sample the mountain cuisine: game, wild mushrooms, cheeses from cow and sheep milk, cured sausages...

Pyrenean cuisine gets the very most out of local produce, using the knowledge passed down through generations to surprise even the most demanding palates. Veal from the Catalan Pyrenees (with denomination of origin protected status), free-range chicken, lamb, river trout, pâtés, sea and mountain rice dishes, escudella i carn d’olla (pasta broth followed by stewed meat and vegetables), olla aranesa (Aranese stew) or trinxat (mashed vegetables) and tomato-rubbed bread... Dishes that incorporate influences of the nearby Mediterranean and of the high mountain, with superb seasoning and accompanied by excellent wines with denomination of origin protected status.

A cuisine with ancient recipes, prepared patiently over a low heat. A combination of strong flavours and powerful aromas. Freginats (fried organ meats), trinxats (vegetable mashes) and sweet and sour dishes can be sampled at a large number of fairs and shows throughout the year.