Canyoning at Berrós


Canyoning at Berrós is one of the ideal canyon to discover this sport and start  this activity in the heart of the Pyrenees

Canyoning consists of overcoming these  changes of route: walking, swimming, tearing or rappelling, if necessary.

The time of arrival at the ROCROI activity center will be the one indicated in the confirmation of your reservation. Once in the center you can use the car park to park your vehicle.

The first thing you need to do is to present yourself at the reception of our center, which is located on the second floor. Once there, we will confirm your reservation, and the reception person will give you the necessary instructions before starting the activity.

Once organized, you will be notified to collect your equipment and change in the changing rooms at our facilities. Then you will travel with your own vehicle, to the starting point of the ravine. You must leave your clothes and belongings in your cars. The car keys will be kept by the guides.

Once we have the wetsuit material on, we will give you the helmet and harness, and we will travel trekking to the beginning of the canyon where the guide will give us the last explanations before carrying out the activity.

Easy and short approach; short rappels, numerous slides that make it a lot of fun, and abundant water flow in spring.

In  summer, its water flow decreases, being the right time to make its descent with the whole family. At the end of the descent we can enjoy the Torrassa lake and the surroundings of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park.

Who can perform this activity:

  • Any person in a healthy physical condition
  • People who know how to swim.
  • Minimum age to do the activity: 12 years in  spring and 6 in  summer (depending on flows)
  • Minimum age without companions: 18 years

*Minimum 2 people