Hiking through Catalan Pyrenees


We offer you an unforgettable hiking experience discovering the sceneries and the natural and cultural inheritance of our county: Ripollès.

An authentic experience in a land where landscapes are still unspoilt, with a direct relationship with nature and real life of the Pyrenees’ inhabitants.


Day 1. Ripoll

We get to Ripoll. After the check in, you have some free time to visit the town center and discover some nice Modernist buildings. You can also see, from one of the several bridges, the point in which the two most important rivers of our country, Ter and Freser, meet.

Day 2. Ruta del Ferro (the iron route) - Distance: 9 Km.

We start the tour through a gentle and easy path, which will train us for the next and harder days. At the beginning we follow an old railway line that used to transport coal from the Ogassa mines to the Barcelona harbour. Later we cross farmlands and a leafy wood close to the river Ter. After the check-in we are going to visit the Monastery, the old town and the ecomuseum “El Molí Petit” (guided tour inside and outside the small mill, wich contains the wheels and some of the original mechanism).

Day 3. Hike to Camprodon-La Ral - Distance: 12 Km.

We leave Sant Joan de les Abadesses through old pathways that bring from a suntrap farmhouse to the other. Later we cross some woods until we reach San Pau de Segúries. Leaving the town we enter a fresh beech forest, after crossing it we reach our destination. In the afternoon we are going to do the activity "cottage cheese making".

Day 4. Hike to Sant Martí d’Ogassa - Distance: 19 Km.

On the fourth day the route will be long, but will allow us to climb and enjoy amazing landscapes. We hike through an old cattle track that drives cattle to the grazing up in the mountain in summer. We reach the high pastures of Serra Cavallera and from there we follow the careening of the mountain chain. Here we can easily find some vultures and we might be lucky enough to be delighted with the majestic flight of the eagles.

Day 5. Hike to Taga, a 2040m. peak - Distance: 8 Km.

On the fifth day we reach the peak of the chain we climbed yesterday, the Taga (2040 m), from where you can see all the Catalan Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea in Costa Brava area. The hike will allow us to experience the clean and uncontaminated environment of the high mountain. On our way we may meet some shy and nippy Pyrenean chamois. In the afternoon we are going to do a traditional Catalan Cookery workshop followed by dinner!!

Day 6. Hike to Ripoll - Distance: 15 Km.

The route, all through narrow mountain paths, drive us into tremendous forests and crosses mountain’s streams. We’ll enjoy the generous shade of beech woods and the fresh smell of pine trees. Finally we reach a belvedere from where we can see the town of Ripoll, our destination.

Day 7. Ripoll

Departure day. If you want, before living the Pyrenees you can visit the romanesque Santa Maria monastery and cloister and the Heritage Museum (discretionary).