The Mountain Ranges of Monasteries. An historical walking full of history


An unforgettable experience discovering the Catalan Monasteries!

Discover the Pyrenees through hidden paths of Sierra Cavallera range. Authentic experience in a land where landscapes are still unspoilt, with a direct relationship with nature and real life of the Pyrenees’ inhabitants.

Accommodation and meals in historic buildings. Traditional cooking, local products. Visiting medieval monuments. A sustainable activity in public transport and walking.


  • Day 1 - The monastery of knowledge - Ripoll. This first day enables us to get to the point of departure and contact the energizing elements of Serra de Monestirs. We visit an ancient monastery that houses the Count Wilfred’s grave, founder of the Catalan nation and linked with the legend of the four bars. We also approach the way of working of the monks to preserve the knowledge in ancient codices, books made of parchment, that kept the seven sciences. Welcome coffee, brief speech about the whole route and delivering of the road book, maps and other details. Guided tour of the Santa Maria de Ripoll Monastery: this friary became the cradle of Catalonia. Guided activity in the scriptorium, where you can see how the copyist monks worked in the Middle Ages. Here we do a workshop. Dinner and accommodation at the "La Trobada Hotel".
  • Day 2 - Land of pioneers - Ripoll - Sant Joan de les Abadesses - Route Description: 10,72 Km. Ramp: +200m. At the beginning we follow an old railway line that used to transport coal from the Ogassa mines to the Barcelona harbour. Late we cross farmlands and a leafy wood along the river Ter. We reach the medieval town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses. This small town was founded close to a monastery with a peculiar history: started by an entrepreneur and pioneer female convent, it was relieved by a male community. They founded a town that remembers the enlargement of Barcelona and that now preserves a heritage that has transcended the ages. Breakfast and self-guided trail with guide book to Sant Joan de les Abadesses.Lunch at Rudes House Restaurant, check-in at the Ruta del Ferro Hostel, welcome drink and guided tour of the monastery and town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses and Moli Petit. Dinner at the House Restaurant Rudes and accomodation in the Hostel Ruta del Ferro.
  • Day 3 - Following the river Ter- Sant Joan de les Abadesses - Llanars Route Description: 19,15 Km. Ramp: +690m. We leave Sant Joan de les Abadesses and follow the river Ter valley, through farmland and hamlets located at the foothills. We change the slope and the path goes into extensive rainforests that we leave getting to Sant Pau de Segúries. We pass through this town and take the stretch of road through a beech wood, and later pastures and forests, to reach Camprodon. Here we can visit the old town, the medieval bridge and the church of the Romanesque monastery. We leave Camprodon by the Folcrà fountain and continue along the river Ter up to Llanars. From here we climb gradually to Can Galló. Breakfast at the “Ruta del Ferro” hostel, self-guided trail with road book to the “Can Galló” farmohouse, in Lanars. Packed lunch. Arrival to the “Can Galló” farmohouse, welcome coffee. Dinner and accommodation at the Rural House “Can Galló”.
  • Day 4 - The limit of three bishoprics- Llanars - Sant Marti d'Ogassa - Route Description : 14,26 Km. Ramp:+900 m/-700 m The route goes up trough the meadows of Espinalba to Collada Verda. From here we take a path that goes up to coll Pal. We walk the crest of Serra Cavallera crowning the top of Puigestela. It’s a considerable climb, but it’ll be worthwhile. Then we get to Portella d’ Ogassa, from where we’ll descend towards Sant Martí d’Ogassa. This stage allows us to reach the highest parts of Serra Cavallera, a natural scenery with gorgeous views. It is also a trail with well-preserved nature, where you can watch chamois, even vultures and golden eagles. All Serra Cavallera area is a PEIN (Plan for Areas of Natural Interest). A path to enjoy nature. Breakfast at the “Can Galló” farmhouse, Self-guided trail with road book to “Mas Mitjavila”, through Serra Cavallera and crowning the Puigestela. Packed lunch. Get to “Mas Mitjavila”, welcome coffee. Dinner and accommodation at the Rural House “Mas Mitjavila” with 2 spikes category.
  • Day 5 - The chain’s peack - St Marti d'Ogassa - Route Description: 7,32 Km. Ramp: +/-700 m. Recovering part of the trace of the previous day, we hike to the Portella d’Ogassa. From there we climb upward to the crest of Serra Cavallera range, the Taga (2039 m). Later we walk down to Coll de Jou and doing a circular route, we’ll reach the “Mas Mitjavila” farmhouse again.This stage passes the church of St. Martí d’Ogassa, 12th century Romanesque building, which was a parish dependent on the monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses. Breakfast at the “Mas Mitjavila” farmhouse, self-guided itinerary with road book to climb to the Taga peak. Packed lunch, back to “Mas Mitjavila”. Cooking workshop, with local, seasonal products. Dinner and accommodation at the Rural House “Mas Mitjavila” with 2 spikes category.
  • Day 6 - The lost parish - Sant Marti d'Ogassa - Ripoll - Route Description: 12,76 Km. Ramp: -600m. We set out from “Mas Mitjavila” and begin the day’s route, which runs along mountain trails and paths and gradually descends to Ripoll. The paths pass through beech, oak and pine woods, vast and leafy. In the middle of a forest we discover an ancient parish, the 12th century Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Vidabona, which depended on the monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses. We evoke a memory lane when these lands were much more populated than now. Breakfast at the “Mas Mitjavila” farmhouse, self-guided itinerary with road book to Ripoll. Packed lunch, arrival to Ripoll. Dinner and accommodation at the “La Trobada” hostel.
  *Self-guided Route: Possibility of nature guide for the entire route

*Price per person. Minimun 2 persons