The Pyrenees your way

There are plenty of ways to be enamoured of the mountains of the Catalan Pyrenees. There are people who look for little villages which still preserve stone houses and old traditions. And others who are passionate about the nature and the natural parks. There are also sports people who enjoy doing outdoor activities. And then there are those who enjoy trying out the local gastronomy in situ. Enjoy the Catalan Pyrenees your way!

The pace of the Natural Parks

The nature of the Catalan Pyrenees can be found in capital letters in its natural parks. Far from the city, the pace is quieter, so you can enjoy them. They are examples of nature with very different characteristics depending on their geographical location.

Villages in the Catalan Pyrenees not to be missed

Villages that are concealed in the immensity of a valley, small paradises where painters such as Picasso found inspiration, or mediaeval centres that have preserved their stone houses intact. Take a route through the most beautiful villages of the Catalan Pyrenees.

The call of nature

An MTB route through the Val d’Aran, a journey along historic trails such as the one that goes to Núria, or paragliding near the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, among many other offers. If you are an open-air sportsperson, the Catalan Pyrenees are waiting for you!

The Pyrenean recipe

A trinxat (chopped potatoes, cabbage and pork) or a hearty soup known as olla aranesa, combined with game and accompanied by high mountain cheeses. A Pyrenean menu which, after visiting the Romanesque churches and taking part in the traditional festivals, will satisfy the most demanding visitors.

The Catalan Pyrenees are your home

Marta and Kai have travelled the Catalan Pyrenees. Would you like to accompany them on their journey?

Eight days travelling the Pyrenees. With an open mind and looking forward to adventure, culture and, above all, getting to know its people. They have taken lots of photos and have a very long list of places they want to visit. They definitely want to come back. But now is the time to start the journey with them. How about it?