Snow and ski

The snow season's kicking off

If you were looking forward to the first snowfalls to strap on your skis, we have some good news: the time has come. The 16 ski resorts in the Catalan Pyrenees have reopened their facilities.They’ve brought in lots of new features so that snow lovers can enjoy a memorable season whether with or without skis. Check out everything you can look forward to!

Our valleys await you in winter. Pyrenees of Catalonia. Open 365

Alpine Skiing

From west to east in the Catalan Pyrenean range, Alpine ski resorts offer their visitors ample skiable areas with varying levels of difficulty and steepness depending on the skier’s skill.

Baqueira Beret, Port del Compte, Vall de Núria, Vallter 2000, Tavascan, Boí Taüll, Skipallars-Portainé, Masella, Skipallars-Espot, La Molina i Alp 2500 offer quality facilities and amenities.

Alpine Skiing

Nordic Ski and Snowshoeing

The six cross-country ski resorts in the Catalan Pyrenees have a total of almost 200km of skiable circuits running through landscapes of great natural beauty. Depending on weather conditions, the resorts offer reception and information, equipment rental, places to eat, and other services.

The resorts of Nordic Ski and Snowshoeing are Bosc Virós, Tuixent-LaVansa, Sant Joan de l'Erm, Lles, Guils Fontanera and Aransa.

Nordic Ski and Snowshoeing

Time to put your snowshoes

This winter put on some snow boots... and also snowshoes. Don’t just let us tell youabout it, try it. You will take exercise, enjoy the landscape and learn very quickly.Winter snowfalls leave behind a gorgeous landscape intheCatalan Pyrenees, envelopedin a postcard-ready white mantle that is well worth the effort. The most widely practicedsport in the area is skiing, but it is increasingly common tobecome hooked onsnowshoeing excursions. They are an easy way to walk around the mountains, enjoyingthe luxury of nature’s silence

Showshoieng excursions 


Suggestions for families

Get to know the proposals offered by the ski resorts of the Pyrenees of Catalonia so that children and adults alike can enjoy the snow together.

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