All set for this year’s ski season

FGC (local railway) stations (Vallter, Vall de Núria, La Molin, Port Ainé, Espot i Boí Taüll): free Wi-Fi and more vending machines

Users of FGC mountain resorts can enjoy a brand new loyalty program: the PiriNeu 365 Club. Registered users enjoy exclusive benefits such as competitions, discounts, events, and much more.

This year they will also enjoy free Wi-Fi available anywhere in the resorts, to make communication easier. This also guarantees improved safety for everyone. 

The number of sale and collection points has increased to 63. Of these, 25 are also vending kiosks that will reduce queues and speed up the sale process.



One of the most relevant innovations this season can be found in La Molina, which will host the World Para Snowboard Championships between 19 and 29 January. 

The remodelling of the historic Pista Barcelona is another significant innovation of the season. With a length of 4,750 meters and an elevation gain of 859 meters, the slope joins the highest elevation, located at Niu de l'Àliga, with the base of the Cadí-Moixeró cable car. To be able to enjoy it throughout the season, 73 state-of-the-art snow machines have been installed to expand and optimise snow production capacity. 

In addition, as a family tourism resort, baby changing facilities have been installed in all resorts.


The Vall de Núria family resort wants to be an exciting place for children this Christmas. Come and enjoy all the excitement and magic of Christmas in Vall de Núria from 21 December to 8 January. You will find a wide range of activities for the whole family, including workshops, guided tours, piano concerts and much more. When hunger strikes, visit our food truck located next to the Leisure Park.

Vall de Núria - Oriol Molas



Vallter is committed to improving the experience of visiting families. As a family tourist resort, Vallter has increased the number of children’s activities and events, incorporated two ski schools—one of them offering adventure sports—and reopened the picnic room with new services, including food and drink vending machines.

Access to the resort has also been improved to ensure the comfort and safety of all visitors.



If you plan to enjoy the snow in Port Ainé this season, you will find two innovations to enhance your experience. Firstly, don’t miss our new astronomical viewpoint just 200 meters from the resort hotel. The viewpoint located in the Alt Pirineu Natural Park has an astronomical table that can be rotated depending on the time of year to enhance night-time astronomical observation. 

Secondly, the La Rabasta Cota 2000 car park is now paved, which improves the access of snow removal machines and visitor comfort.



A tubbing track has been installed at the Espot family resort, in the area dedicated to beginners. The track is 140 meters long, has a boarding area, two ramps and an arrival area with a counterslope and carpets to facilitate braking.

Espot will also host the Para Snow Sports World Championships between 19 and 29 January. 



The resort, Boí Taüll, will host the Ski Mountaineering World Championships

from 27 February to 5 March. Up to five different events will be contested: sprint, vertical, individual, relays and the team race, with the presence of the best international specialists.

Skiers will find two brand new slopes. The blue level Regalèssia (licorice), a slope that starts at Cap d’Express and which makes for an easy descent from one of the highest elevations in the resort, and Carreretes, which adds to the options for descent from Cap de Vaques.

The green level Boulevard slope has also been adjusted and the Ginebrell slope has been extended and has graduated to blue level.

To increase the level of satisfaction of our visitors, the parking lot and the base of the resort have been asphalted and safety lockers with pass opening and new ski storage areas for groups have been installed.

Boí Taüll ACT_autor Inmedia Solutions SL



Masella offers a pass that allows you to ski for over 80 days in more than 40 destinations around the world in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France or the USA.

The pass can be bought online: another new feature is an optimised online store allowing passes and services to be purchased and managed easily, quickly and from anywhere. Now, upon arrival at the resort, simply collect your pass and avoid the queues. 

And with our new pass vending machines, you can pick up pre-purchased passes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You can even buy ski passes or loyalty packs, all at the same vending machines.

As for the slopes of the resort, signage has been improved and now includes new safety elements, and some slopes in the forest area have been redrawn.



The resort, Baqueira Beret, welcomes the new season with a range of innovations to improve the visitor experience. And for another year it will host the Freeride World Tour 2023. The world’s best riders will meet again at the Vall d’Aran and Valls d’Àneu resort in the world’s most prestigious freeride event.

In addition, don’t miss the opening of the new TSD Dossau ski lift, offering access to brand new slopes: Montgarri, Passada d’Auba and Tortuga 2, and a total of 170 skiable kilometres across the 4 domain areas.

There are innovations beyond the slopes, too, as Baqueira launches a brand new website with extra functionality, better navigation and improved usability. The digital revolution is also coming to catering. Last season we launched our online ordering option at selected points, and this year the number of restaurants with this service is being expanded.