Cerdanya trail network

There is no fear of losing your way: Alp has over 50km of marked trails, mostly suitable for walkers but some for cyclists and horse riders as well. Signs at the start and end of each trail and at trail crossings make things easy, as do the square yellow blazes with black trail numbers along the itinerary.

Hiking along the network is a practical option enabling users to select their own personalised itinerary, whether they are short walks near the village, half-day excursions, or hikes of one day or longer. Easy itineraries, steeper climbs, high-mountain challenges... each person chooses whatever suits them best. An effort has been made to revive old traditions and restore the old paths formerly used by local people before the arrival of motorised traffic – transhumance routes, woodcutters’ trails, bridle paths, mill roads, and so on.

The aim of Aransa and Lles Trail Network is to follow the footsteps of man throughout each corner of this territory, and discover our history through the silent, modest human footprints lingering on in places with names and identities disclosing their long-forgotten existence.

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Senderisme - Xarxa de camins