Walk from El Pont de Suert to Vall de Boí, following the courses of the Rivers Noguera de Tor and Noguera Ribagorçana. The nature trail reclaims 27km of historic highways, livestock paths and mule trails formerly communicating the villages in the valley, with the omnipresent waterways of the county as a leitmotif.

The Waterway trail starts at Escales reservoir, at La Mena springs (El Pont de Suert) and ends at Caldes de Boí spa. The marked trail is of low-medium difficulty, and is suitable for experienced mountain bikers.


  • Hiking and Cultural activitiy
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Environment-friendly
Informació tècnica
Route type
Senderisme - Rutes culturals

Centre del Romànic de la Vall de Boí (Erill la Vall).

T_0034 973 696 715