Cuina del Vent

Cuina del Vent is a compendium of a cuisine born within sight of the sea and in the shadow of the mountains, stemming from traditional cooking and evolving towards avant-garde haute cuisine. The group brings together high-quality professionals and businesses, with the aim of sharing and exchanging knowledge by organizing exhibitions, conferences, and seminars that will improve the quality of the service and strengthen the links between professionals working in the trade.

Cuina del Vent is supported by the Alt Empordà Professional Catering Activities Association and Alt Empordà Catering School. Its members come from different branches of the hospitality sector, and aim to promote cuisine, culture, tradition, local produce, and the idea of “a job well done”, and to place the unique personality of Alt Empordà County on the map.


Avda. Ma. Àngels Anglada 15. Figueres

0034 649 009 366 / 0034 699 811 052