Zoo of the Pyrenees


Show flying birds of prey  and Zoo of the Pyrenees guided tour. Let's get to know the main activity Zoo of the Pyrenees, the show flying birds, in which vultures and wild eagles also often appear.

Get to know the main activity of the Pyrenees Zoo, the flying show, in which vultures and wild eagles also often appear.

Has an owl ever flown over your head? Did you touch a foxy? At the Zoo of the Pyrenees there is the fastest animal on earth, the largest owl in the world, an nocturnal mammal emblematic of the Catalan forests... it is a unique experience to have them so close to you!

You will be able to know more than 50 species of native animals. You can touch them and some even feed them or help train them! And all this in a quiet and family atmosphere where the most important values ​​of respect for nature and animals are taught.

The Zoo of the Pyrenees is one of the most privileged places in Europe. Located in a protected area in Europe, you can see vultures, hawks and wild eagles. A space where humans and animals have learned to live together and respect each other, where the views and the landscape will leave you breathless. In an instant, you can see a third of all of Catalonia and enjoy an almost unknown world: the world of wild animals in the Pyrenees.

In addition, we will accompany you on a guided tour of the park for an hour to delve into the characteristics of each species. You can ask for more information about each of the animals, ask about the treatment they receive at the zoo or anything that has intrigued you.

We look forward to answering all your questions!

It is also possible to take part in the Toca Toca activity by purchasing a ticket. The little ones will enjoy getting to know the animals up close: stroking them, watching them, and even feeding them. Experts with great experience and many years of living together and working with wildlife will guide you and reveal some secrets of nature.

The park has a free parking, terrace bar, shop and picnic area.

You can drive to the exhibition grounds 10 minutes before the start of the activity.