"Land of Troubadors" Festival

The festival is an international meeting place for scholars and lovers of the world of troubadours. On the second weekend in September, Castelló d'Empúries goes on a thrilling journey back to the Middle Ages. The “Land of Troubadours” Festival transforms the town into a great cultural and festive venue as it relives its mediaeval splendour.

As if by magic, Castelló d'Empúries once again becomes the capital of the historical county of Empúries. Knights show off their skills as they defend their honour in the mediaeval tournament, and a mediaeval supper is held at the Palace of the Counts and Sant Domènec convent.

The streets are alive with music and performances with something for everyone, featuring troubadours, minstrels, jesters, and travelling entertainers. At the mediaeval market in the historical centre, residents and visitors purchase goods from artisans and traders, using reproductions of ancient coins as currency.

The main events are complemented by workshops, talks, exhibitions, guided tours and other activities in a town whose mediaeval past as county capital is still seen today in its narrow streets, old walls, historical buildings, and other hidden corners. 

Castelló d´Empúries
Alt Empordà