Now and then, the mist crosses the crests of these summits drawing a landscape which recalls the famous walker from the painting by Caspar David Friedrich. However, on the days this sea of clouds disappears, a totally different territory comes into view, a land marked by the mountains of the Pre-Pyrenees which, although they fail to reach great heights, chisel a horizon marked by sharp peaks, steep slopes and hillsides which flatten abruptly into the banks of the Cardener, one of the two main rivers that water the valley.

Vall de Lord
Sant Llorenç de Morunys
The valley’s capital

Despite the pentagonal walls defending the perimeter, the historic capital failed to withstand the pillaging of the Civil War. Nonetheless, the town still keeps its Romanesque beauty alive thanks to the lengthy catalogue of monuments it possesses, like the church of Sant Llorenç or the Sanctuary of Lord.

Autumnal flavour
For mycophiles

When summer ends, the rains bring moisture back to the valley and cause thousands of mushrooms to sprout from the ground. There are so many mushrooms that El Solsonès has turned into a favourite destination for mycological tourism. Even so, it must not be forgotten that poisonous species exist, so it is highly advisable to hunt shrooms with the help of a guide.

Vertical Forest and Zoo of the Pyrenees
Adventure and fauna with the family

Platforms, Tibetan bridges and vines are a few of the ways to stay off the ground and travel through the forest jumping from tree to tree. Located in Port del Comte, the Vertical Forest is open all year round. Another experience to enjoy with the whole family is the Zoo of the Pyrenees, a wild fauna reserve in Odèn which looks out for animal welfare.

Reservoir of Llosa del Cavall
Turquoise blue

Until 1998 this reservoir didn't exist. In its place, the streams which fed from the flow to the Cardener accompanied a farmhouse or two scattered around the mountain. Today, the dam of Llosa del Cavall pours a blue stain on the valley from which one can admire the panoramic views while kayaking.

Busa range
Conflictive past

The wartime past is manifested in every corner of the valley, and one of them is in the Busa range. Today a spectacular panoramic overlook, this high plateau came to hold up to a thousand soldiers during the War of Independence, a fact proven by the Capolatell, a building used as a prison.

Cycle tourism
Mountain bike

Nature, sport, adrenaline, architecture and gastronomy. Any one of these routes from Sant Llorenç de Morunys toward the valley's surroundings meets all these requisites. An experience on two wheels adapted to any level, from 3-km routes the most demanding distances of over 70 km.

Sanctuary of Lord
Full of history

During the Carlist Wars it put aside its religious functions and was instead used as a hospital first and, later, as a military base. The conflict eventually demolished it, but thanks to its reconstruction in the nineteenth century, the sanctuary still stands today atop Mola de Lord, at an altitude of 1,200 metres.

Pont Quebradís
Bucolic nature

The course of the Valls river carves exceptional shapes like Pont Quebradís, a natural bridge formed by the action of the water coming into contact with the travertine sediments of the zone. The result is a small arch hidden between gorges through which a flow of turquoise water passes.