The Ter is a fluvial ribbon which connects Ribes and Camprodon almost in parallel, both settled in the oldest part of the Pyrenees. Their landscapes date back millions of years, to when Iberia collided with the rest of Europe to produce the region's daunting summits, such as Pic de l’Infern (“Hell’s Peak”), nearly 3,000 metres in altitude. Among spectacular mountain landscapes, both valleys are home to some of the loveliest views in the Catalan Pyrenees, as is the case of Beget.

Vall de Ribes y Vall de Camprodon
Trail running
Panoramic views at full speed

The valley of Ribes is composed of uncountable trails which crisscross through the woods, climb mountains, delve into ravines and pass calmly alongside the river paths, making these lands a paradise for lovers of trail running, the sport which consists in crossing mountains at top speed.

Romanesque route
Small treasures

Very present throughout the Catalan Pyrenees, the Romanesque also leaves its mark in the valley of Ribes. Some lovely examples of this style inhabit it, such as the church of Sant Jaume de Queralbs, with its remarkable porch of six arches which rest on five columns of blue marble.

Via Ferrada
A step away from climbing

Roca de la Creu (“Cross Rock”) is one of the best via ferratas in existence for introducing oneself to an activity which every year adds more adherents to its ranks. With no particularly difficult stretches, aside from bordering the rocks, the route passes between a Nepalese bridge and a Tibetan one. Adrenaline is more than guaranteed!

Rack railway
Valley of Núria

Apart from the one on Montserrat, this is the only operating rack railway in all of Spain. It is also the most convenient way to reach the valley of Núria. During the nearly 13 km and over 1,000 metres of elevation change separating Ribes from Núria, one can observe the majesty of the Pyrenean landscapes. Another option is to complete the ascent on foot from the Old Road of Queralbs.

Savour tradition
A rich memory

Tradition is a palpable element of the gastronomy which, in the case of these valleys, is embodied in a recipe canon based on everything the mountains provide. From sausages, meats and cheeses to the mushrooms sprouting wild in the highest zones, they supply a whole world of flavours  to discover.

Hotels with charm
Rooms with views

Comfort and the sensation of feeling right at home are two of the qualities you’re bound to encounter at any hotel in the valley of Ribes, but what’s most interesting are the views from practically all of them. The swell of mountains combing the horizon comes into view just by pulling back the curtains.

Natural park of the headwaters of the Ter and Freser
Collection of landscapes

Mt Puigmal, one of the highest peaks in Catalonia, is the jewel which shines brightest in this natural park, but not the only one. The ensemble of summits is joined by flowering meadows, black pine forests and deep ravines. As if that weren’t enough, its valleys and mountains are crossed by the GR-11 trail which connects the Cantabrian Sea with the Mediterranean.

Cattle fair
Tria de Mulats

Although it started out as a fair where ranchers bought and sold horses, since then the event has evolved into a tourist attraction. Every 13 October, the valley fills with people who come from all over to witness the spectacle and try the artisanal products on display.

Village with charm

Possibly one of the loveliest towns in the Catalan Pyrenees, Beget is pure nature and rural magic. Situated in the lowest part of the valley and nestled between mountains, a stream crosses the historic centre while the forest practically creeps into the village which some thirty lucky residents call home.

Route of the retreat
On wheels

An estimated 90,000 people used the trails of the valley of Camprodon as an escape route toward France during the Civil War. Today, the route of the retreat traces the same path once taken by the exiles and allows one to remember their history, but in a very different way, atop a mountain bike.

Music festival
Symphonies for the valley

For more than 35 years, music has laid claim to its own share of the spotlight in Camprodon. This is especially true in July and August at the time of the Isaac Albéniz Festival, which –in addition to promoting new musical talent– draws artists of recognised fame.

Stendhal Syndrome in Camprodon
To a medieval tune

As the capital, Camprodon  is the valley’s perfect neuralgic and commercial centre. But beyond its magnitude, the town stands out for its medieval beauty, with its magnificent old bridge as the crowning emblem of its history. Situated in the valley’s centre, the waters of the Ter and Ritort flow along its streets, endowing it with great sonority

Volta Catalunya
For experienced cyclists

Surrounded by a landscape marked by prominent peaks, it’s not surprising that the area of Vallter 2000 is home to one of the most spectacular mountain passes of the Volta Catalunya. The stretch lasts over 12 km from the town of Setcases to the ski resort with a 900-metre climb.

Wooden igloo
Mountain Eskimos

The selection of lodgings found throughout the valley is varied and, on some occasions, quite unique. Imitating the shape of igloos, these small huts made of wood are cosy, comfy shelters with a three-person capacity. Because sleeping is an experience in itself!

Sea and mountain
Hiking and towel

Unlike other great mountain ranges, the Pyrenees lead to the sea. To be specific, its far east sinks into the Mediterranean at Cape Creus, forming a rocky landscape dotted with olive trees and junipers and reminiscent of another planet. For the full effect, pick one of the many routes which combine the charm of alpine meadows with the beauty of sea towns like Cadaqués.