The activity is run in the lake at Vall de Núria. The lake is one of the mountain resort’s iconic features. It’s at an altitude of 1,964 metres and about seven metres deep.  

You’ve already done some diving in the sea and think this is just more of the same? Actually, it isn’t. Buoyancy and atmospheric pressure are different in a freshwater lake which is nearly 2,000 metres above sea level and at a temperature of between 1 and 2 ºC. And so is the spectacle.

The contrasts of light under the ice are breathtaking. The rays of sunlight filtering through the holes in the ice and the oxygen trapped under the frozen layer of water produce an almost kaleidoscopic effect.

The activity lasts approximately six hours in total. The underwater tours are intended for certified divers or divers who have made a minimum number of accredited dives. They can only be done in groups of two or three people who will be accompanied by a Scuba Alegre instructor all the time. They last around 30 minutes and must always be booked in advance. The diving gear is provided by the company.

After diving under the ice, it’s time to go skiing

While you’re at the Vall de Núria resort, the most obvious way to round off your getaway is to jump straight into some downhill skiing. The resort features 11 downhill ski slopes totalling 7.6 kilometres for all levels including kids. 

Vall de Núria is one of the resorts to hold the Family-friendly Holiday label awarded by the Catalan Tourist Board. To earn this certification it needs to meet a number of requirements such as having marked slopes with slow-speed zones for children, a children’s club and a ski school. 

If you’ve gone on your getaway intent on exploring new snow options in addition to skiing, there are other things you can do such as snowshoeing routes and excursions on snow groomers

When visiting the Vall de Núria resort it’s a good idea to stay overnight to make the most of your getaway. If you don’t want to waste time getting around, there’s hotel and apartment accommodation right next to the slopes. Or if you’d rather do activities outside the resort, the surrounding villages such as Ribes de Freser have a wide range of places to stay. 

Feel like taking a break from routine? How about under the ice?