Fire Festival

Crema deth Haro festival is held in Les (Val d’Aran) every year on St John’s Eve (23 June). The trunk of a fir tree of some 12 metres high, planted the previous year, is burnt on the village square as Aranese dances are performed around the flames. The planting of the new tree takes place at Quilhada deth Haro festival on 29 June.

St John’s Eve is also the date when the Burning of the Taro takes place in Arties (Naut Aran municipality). The trunk of a fir tree is blessed before being set alight and dragged through the village until the Mayor’s house, where young people jump over the dying flames to the sounds of music and folk dancing.

The traditional Pyrenean fire festivals are being kept alive and well in Les and Arties.

23th of June
Naut Aran
Val d'Aran