One of the main features of Camprodon Valley is its rich gastronomy, the result of a historical legacy of traditional high-quality mountain cuisine together with new ideas coming from creative young chefs. This is what inspired the restaurants in the valley to create Cuines de la Vall de Camprodon in the summer of 2005, an association aiming to recover, conserve, develop, and promote this evocative heritage of gastronomy, tradition, and good local produce. 

The association has organised several gastronomy campaigns concentrated in three annual seasons, based on the philosophy of enhancing local produce and traditions, and linking them to life cycles and the natural rhythms of the land. The Lent and Pig Slaughtering Gastronomy Season takes place at Carnival time; the Colt Gastronomy Season in the month of May; and the Camprodon Potato Gastronomy Season after the summer.