In these two valleys it all seems like it’s yet to be discovered, with few inhabitants and small towns dotting an eminently agricultural and herding territory. Uniting the counties of El Ripollès and La Garrotxa, and between powerful ranges like the mythical Puigsacalm, ancient volcanoes and lush forests of beech, holly and oak, both valleys make up a rural universe which, in spite of its small territorial extension, offers the chance to enjoy a good number of activities for the whole family where culture, traditions and local flavours play the starring role.

Vall d’en Bas y Vall de Bianya
Carrilet Greenway
Push those pedals (or walk)

The passengers of the last train of 1969 which connected Olot and Girona could never have imagined that years later hikers and cyclists would travel the same route. Upon the segment's restoration,  the Carrilet Greenway today crosses the entire valley of En Bas and runs over the banks of the Ter, Brugent and Fluvià rivers. It consists in 54 kilometres with a 1.5% elevation change, making it an excellent family outing.

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All the towns
Pick your favourite!

The Transversal Range in the background and the great plain are the natural scenery of seven towns, each with its own charm. Sant Esteve d’en Bas is the valley's administrative capital, but the village of Mallol and Hostalets d’en Bas are its official historical artistic sites. The best plan is to visit them all.

From the summit of Puigsacalm

The ascension of the iconic Mt Puigsacalm is an undeniable classic of middle-mountain hiking in Catalonia, but what this activity proposes is a crowning jewel: completing the climb just before sunset, when the landscape is flooded by golden light and the views of the volcanic zone of La Garrotxa turn magical.

The flavour of La Garrotxa
Visit and taste

La Garrotxa is not only a land of volcanoes: it's also a land of meticulously crafted artisanal cheeses, the colours of the weekly market in Olot, small restaurants, grain mills, picnics in the middle of nature... The following gastronomic proposals are the best way to discover (and taste) the valley’s little towns.

Volcano collection
Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa

Seven hundred thousand years ago, fire and lava moulded the landscape of what is now the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa. In inland Girona, this protected space is a collection of some forty volcanic cones. In addition to the popular outing to the beech forest of En Jordà, the park can be explored on the Itinerànnia trail network.

Michelin-star gastronomy
Ca l’Enric and Les Cols

In La Vall de Bianya there are an infinite number of traditional restaurants with local products. But there are also restaurants which situate the territory at the gastronomic vanguard. The highlights are Ca l’Enric, which began as an inn in 1882 and rose, in the hands of the Juncà brothers, to the level of a Michelin star, and a few kilometres away, in Olot, Les Cols (two Michelin stars).

Ecotourist lodgings
Boutique and rural hotels

La Garrotxa has made a firm push for sustainability, following the recommendations of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism since 2001. Not only tourist activities but many lodgings are committed to responsible environmental management, making them the best operational bases for your trips.

Sant Miquel del Mont
The overlook of La Vall de Bianya

It is believed that where today stands the Romanesque church of Sant Miquel del Mont there used to be a Roman guard tower. It wouldn't be at all far-fetched, given that the place the church occupies gives one a panoramic vision of the valley. To get there, follow a circular route of just under three hours which departs from L’Hostalnou de Bianya.

Greenway route
Pedalling with the family

route whose simplicity makes it perfect for a family adventure through the crop fields and pastures which comprise a good part of the valley. From Llocalou to L’Hostalnou de Bianya, the three-plus kilometre itinerary is accessible with help and suitable for handcycle. Best of all, it can be travelled in either direction.

Landscape and heritage
A là Romanesque

It should come as no surprise that the location scouts for Game of Thrones chose Besalú for the filming of the series. But it is not the only place to enjoy the Romanesque in La Vall de Bianya. This activity is meant to take you to the most important chapels and churches in the middle of forested spots and meadows.